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Address:No.520 Hengtian Road, Business Operation Center in North Station, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian, China Call Us: 8613860382108 Email: business@seaflo.com

55 Series Automatic Demand Diaphragm Pump

diaphragm pump,12v water pump ,washdown pump


Open Flow:4.0-5.0GPM / 15.0-18.9LPM

Shut-off Pressure:60PSI / 4.2BAR

Priming Capabilities:6 feet (1.8 m) suction lift

Max Recommended Temperature:140° F (60° C)Max.

Material:EPDM(Valves) / Santoprene(Diaphragm)

Ports:1/2"-14 MNPT

An economical workhorse, the 55 series are engineered for flexibility. The 5 chamber series are our Heavy-Duty water pump. It provides high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling, thanks to the large five-chamber diaphragm. With on-demand switch, 3.0 to 5.0 GPM, and 70 PSI, new demand switch, control of pressure precise, stable performance, low starting pressure, good heat dissipation, the 55 series will meet your special requirements with positive predictable performance. With built-in bypass function, 55 series is able to reduce rapid cycling and allow water to flow back from the outside to the inlet side of the pump. SEAFLO also offers a variety of easy connect fittings and filters.

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•  Precise pressure control and stable performance

•  Good sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof

•  Low starting pressure, reduces cycling

•  Good heat dissipation

•  Longer pump life

•  Can supply up to 4 fixtures

•  Run dry capable for normal workloads

•  Very quiet operation

•  On-demand combine with by-pass

•  Fresh water or salt water available

•  16 AWG, 9"(22.8 cm) long Leads

•  2 Year Warranty

•  Meets or exceeds RoHS, SGS, and ISO standards



Open Flow

Max Draw

Shut-off Pressure

SFDP1-040-060-5512V4.0 / 15.011.0A60 / 4.2
SFDP2-040-060-5524V4.0 / 15.06.0A60 / 4.2
SFDP1-050-060-5512V5.0 / 18.915.0A60 / 4.2
SFDP2-050-060-5524V5.0 / 18.98.0A60 / 4.2
SFDPA1-050-060-55115V5.0 / 18.92.56A60 / 4.2
SFDPA2-050-060-55220V5.0 / 18.91.28A60 / 4.2



Unit Weight

6.08 lbs (2.76 kg)

Selling Unit Size (L x W x H)

11.1" x 6.18" x 5.35"

(28.2 x 15.7 x 13.6 cm)

Selling Unit Weight

6.66 lbs (3.02 kg)

Master Carton Size (L x W x H)

19.68" x 12.08" x 12.40"

(50 x 30.7 x 31.5 cm)

Master Carton Qty

6 pcs

Master Carton Weight

40.12 lbs (18.2 kg)

Master Carton Volume

0.048 m³

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